What We Do

The increased demand for high-end video online has created a situation among businesses that now need to stand out from the crowd with dynamic film/video quality content. Without it, you risk the loss of your audience.

STRONG imagery, evocative settings and brilliant talent combine to make our visual media services among the best in the industry. Simple product shots and presentations to full blown 4K video, shorts or 30 second ad slots, we do it all... and more.

DAVINCI RESOLVE is an industry standard film editing and colour grading suite. We offer post-production tools using Davinci to grade your footage according to your final media requirements. This includes custom LUT's and advice on maximising the footage you have for multi-channel delivery.

ALONG with your film and video, we offer a range of pro audio tools for overdubbing, voice-overs, audio books, blogging, podcasting, etc. Combine these with our film tools and you have the perfect audio-visual power punch!